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How to Turn Google Voice into a True Windows app

A while back, Lifehacker posted this post, and one of my friends had been asking about doing just this, on windows. Agreed with him, it was better than checking the page every few minutes or so yourself, or using your phone as an alert system. Or some other hair-brained scheme involving a phone, on vibrate, and a motion sensor.

Well It works for windows in almost the same way. First off get what you need, if you wanna use it as a tab inside Firefox, that work, if you want a separate app, Cometbird or any other Firefox clone will work, songbird probably works too. Prism does not yet, as it does not allow you to install addons, but I bet someday it will work.


Firefox or a firefox clone

Growl/GNTP addon for Firefox

Grease monkey addon

Growl For windows

Reload Every Addon

Now, restart Firefox, install Growl for Windows, but use the Windows Deployment.msi not the setup.exe to install. Start Growl. Right Click the Growl Icon and Select open Growl. Set it to start with Windows.

Now, in Firefox, install these 2 scripts into Greasemonkey

Google Voice Growl

Google Voice notifications not needed-fluid app only

GV Favicon Alertnot needed , just an extra place to see you have new messages. But it adds the same trick as the gmail scripts, puts the unread count in the favicon on the tab, and on the URL bar.

Restart Firefox, just to be safe. When it restarts, Open up Google Voice

Then Click the Little Arrow by the Reload button, to bring up the Reload Every Menu. Enable that page, and set your time. You can also do tat by right clicking on a blank area on the page. See image for further details.


Now, in Firefox, open the addons window, find the Growl/GNTP addon, and open its options. Hit the register growl button. You should see a pop up from growl now.

Again, right click the growl icon in your system tray. Go to the Security tab. Make sure you check off the “Allow Notifications from websites” Without that none of this well work. Restart Firefox again, and send yourself a test message. Within the time you set Reload Every to refresh the page, you should get a notification from Growl.

This picture should help if you have any issues. If it doesn’t please create an account, or use an openID to comment. Or email me by using this page.



If you are using windows 7, you might want to Read up on Kevin Purdy’s fix for the Growl installer, here.


Google Voice has now added SMS alerts for texts (For Voicemail was built in to start with) So, personally, I would suggest not to use this, but rather use the gmail checker, and turn on email alerts (which are reply-able as well) But for some people this may still be useful (I use both) so I will keep this post up.

Updated last: September 9nd. 9pm.