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Just about an hour ago I took a list …

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Just about an hour ago I took a listen to some of the finalized version of songs from Green Day’s new album, 21st Century Breakdown.. I’ve also been keeping up with the New Taking Back Sunday Album, New Again, and grabbing the singles as soon as they come out. I also grabbed the leaked version of 21st Century Breakdown, the song. Tonight I heard most of the finalized version and WOW it is just amazing. They also changed up a lot, if not most of the lyrics, partially, I think, to make it more offensive, in order to attract more attention, something Green Day has been known for doing, since it’s early days.

If you know me, you know I am be a bit pushy about my music. I also like mostly alternative/neo-punk, fast chugging guitars and symbolic lyrics. So far, this is exactly what 21st Century Breakdown is. The title track, now in it’s final version, not the demo that was floating around,has a increase in tempo, more prominent guitar, and revised lyrics to keep up the pace and make it more borderline offensive, to grab the attention of anyone, fans or critics. The guitars literally makes you want to hop out of your seat and jam to to, and if you knew the new lyrics, you’d be singing along.

East Jesus Nowhere, formerly March of the dogs, is probably my personal favorite, with a great bass opening, that makes up for it’s in my opinion, shitty title, it flows into a more angry and fast paced, guitar throbbing, call for attention, and shouting about sodomized dogs, which flows into a very rhythmic chourus, bringing back a sense of Green Day’s Warning Era. Following a lyric pattern like Holiday,from American Idiot, it has a nice long guitar/bass solo, with some low but audible lyrics, followed by a tirade, and ending with a rather sudden and unexcpeted monotone.

American Eulogy opens with “sing us a song of the century” which is supposed to be the lead line to a song Song of the Century then goes to the first of it’s 2 basic beats, which is basically the same beat as Deadbeat Holiday and continues with that rather fast paced beat for a good while, before going into a new beat, and a rant about the modern world and mass hyseria.

There are a totel of 6 mostly full song clips on that site, I revied my three favorite. Please check them out for yourself. They have stayyed away from lyrics and most beats like their earliest albums, and have stuck with lyrics that could fit into Amerian Idiot very easily, and some beats that would go hand in hand with any song from Warning espcally Waiting. Sticking with the Amerian Idiot style lyrics, Green Day has produced another album that’s just to spark protests, as I suspect was their intent, and grab people’s attention.