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How to fix America

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I don’t feel like giving away all the reasons behind these, so Instead of a blog, I’m just going to list some ideas and let you think on them and how it would effect the United States.

  • Kill off all attempts at lobbying. To many cases where that turns into bribery and buying politicians.
  • Kill campaign contributions.  Give candidates set budgets.
  • Tax cigarettes outrageously, I think $14 a pack would do. While we’re at it, make the age to smoke 21 too.
  • Tax Alcohol very highly too. Make it too expensive for teenagers to buy.
  • Make the dropout age from school earlier. If they’re gonna drop out the second they become 16, why not make it 14 and save money and teachers for students that care.
  • Make the age to drive older, maybe get your permit at 17.
  • Jam cell phones inside all cars with their ignition on.
  • Create a universal millionaire tax. The more you make the more your taxed, growing exponentially.
  • Elections every 2 years. This makes sure politician are always on their way on or out, cuts campaigning time, and cuts the time they’re a lame duck and can do whatever they want.
  • Nationwide broadband and FCC monitored rates.
  • Provide a visible way of identifying drunk drivers in all states.
  • Providing funding for catholic and other private schools. If this allows people to get a better education, why not help them out.

I think thats a good start.