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Polar Bear Plunge 2010

Once again, I let my stupidity out of its cage, and went down to Sea Isle City for their 16th annual polar bear plunge. This is my 5th year going, (only 4th year going in, because of illness one year) and my first year going, more or less on my own.  I had 2 friends driving with me, also grads of my old High school, where we all use to do the polar bear plunge with a anti-drinking-smoking group. Well a bunch of our normal group couldn’t make it for many reasons, but 3 of us still managed to get down there, join up with our old school and run into the ocean like a bunch of banshees. In short, it consisted of a long ass drive with various insane music,[bad] karaoke, and god only knows what else. Plunge was cold. That is all. Very, very cold. We all went to a local Inn for lunch, which was alright, nothing special. Picked up 2 of my friends that took the bus in, on the way home, which made for an entertaining ride for sure. No picture from this year’s trip, which is a first for me, but shit happens.

All in all fun day, probably the last for me, for a while, because I’m starting a second job in a little over a week. On top of being a full-time student, working on my website, the other job, and working on a few other side projects.

My life as I know it is over, but at least I should have some steady income. Once I have a bit of cash handy, I want to get another domain and set up a portfolio site for taking freelance jobs. Also might be getting in a new server, for hosting a site I’m working on for another group, which would have to host mine as well, since it would be in house.