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CSS3 and @font-face: A personalized web experience

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I love tablet PCs. I worked on them for 3 years, fixing a bunch of HPs and gateways, and I own my own, an HP tx2510us, which is going on 2 years old now. I loved playing with one note, and the power toys, and taking notes in class, drawing diagrams and pictures right in with my notes in any color I needed, without carrying around a backpack full of markers and pens.

I discovered a Microsoft font tool, which allows you to make your own TTF (true type fonts) our of your handwriting on a tablet PC. I took the time and be nice and neat (my handwriting it not good as you will see) And make a few fonts, which I used in Onenote to allow my to type my notes, and make them look like they were handwritten.

Recently, I have been working on web development, especially CSS3 and HTML5. Among the many other feature, I’ve come to love the new (sort of, since IE has actually supported it since IE4) @font-face css tool.   Read the rest of this entry