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Why I will not watch youtube links you send me

In no particular order:

Youtube is flash–flash is evil.
Most are a waste of time anyway, going rate for my time is $13 an hour. Do the math.
I block flash, its annoying to have to unblock it. I am lazy.
The exception to this rules is when we’re swapping music, which is the only thing i use youtube for.
I do not care about your wrestling or sluts or sports. Please shut the fuck up about it.
If you really think i want to see it, then tell me about it not just “ZOMG AWESOME VID WATCH NOW”
Flash overheats my laptop, i have done damage to it already via flash, I need it to last a few more years.
Your annoying. Why should I listen to anything you say anyway.
I do have a highspeed connection. Until youtube comes on. I Would like my internet to stay fast.
I cannot watch it easily with VLC or another desktop media player.
The sound quality sucks.