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A letter to Comcast

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Comcast, please go fuck yourself.

We’ve had your cable and internet for almost 2 years ago, We didn’t dare go for your phone, we like a phone service that actually works, so we stayed with Verizon. Your internet has its ups and downs, but in general I have no major complaints. I was pissed when your throttled torrents (I did tests and proved you did, As soon as I started a torrent, might I note, a legal torrent, my internet speed dropped to about that of dial up. I’d randomize the port enough, and for at least a short while, it would go back to pull speed, before dropping to single digit kb/s. So don’t lie, I know you did it, and you did it to me.)

Your cable on the other hand, is an entirely different and very long and painful story. It started out ok, it worked fairly nicely, some static and noise, but at least I could watch a full TV show with no drop outs or connection problems. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. Recently you force an upgrade upon us, I know it was mandated by the government, but you don’t have to implement it in a way that sucks. These new DTA boxes, adapters, of sorts, which I presume has only one use, to make our lives hell. When we got them, it took a week, 3 phone calls, and several times activating them online. Never got it to work on channel 4 either, so we’re stuck on channel 3. Since then it’s been even worse. Spotty at best. Sometimes it goes out for a few seconds and flickers through a popular TV show, other times, I only hear tiny bits of sound, with flickering squares flying across the screen. I’ve also had to reactivate them at least twice a month, and it took another 3 calls to get them, the new on demand box with HD, and the actually on demand working. The TV worked, but it took 2 more calls before the on demand worked again after the upgrade. Took a total of 2 weeks.

Now I’ve been without a TV in my room for over a month, because the DTA boxes just fail. My dad who has the 2nd DTA box has given up on watching TV, because he cannot get a strong enough steady signal. So much digitized static and lack of either sound or lack of a picture. Or the big block saying the signal has disappeared and will come back someday. Lately it’s been sound, but no color, and today it was nothing at all.

But enough on the details. In short, your cable, you’re original and flagship product, is a failure. It’s sadly disappointing, and just worthless. I’m already looking at dropping you, for online video. Boxee or hulu provide better products, more reliable and better quality, if they could only show it the same time as its shown on cable. Your cable just makes you look pathetic, the DTA boxes are cheap, worthless pieces of crap, and are just a ploy to make us upgrade to the rental on demand boxes. Your service sucks, and rebranding yourself as XFINITY will not change your XTREMELY shitty cable service, but hopefully, it will better prepare your incompetent employees for taking mental lashings from many all your dissatisfied customers.

So I’m sorry it had to come to this, but sending you hatemail and publishing it seems to be the only thing that gets to you. You even bought just to protect yourself from me and all the rest of the angry mod of customers you protect yourself from, hiding your scared incompetent employees behind 2 inches of ‘grenade proof’ glass.  So I’m sorry it’s come to the point where I have to do this, honestly, we should’ve dumped you a long time ago, at least for cable, I honestly have no idea why we’ve put up with your bullshit for this long and I’m sure we will not be tolerating it for any time longer than it takes to get a dish installed.

Soon to be happy dish network  customer.