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The College Scam

My expedience as a New Jersey College student attending a local community college in (high) hopes to transfer seamlessly to a 4 years university.

People always joke about how community college is not a real school, and popular TV shows, such as community enforce that mindset.  In New Jersey, a law was passed where all credits earned in New Jersey must transfer to all colleges within the state, assuming the college your trying to transfer too offers the same course. Thats not exactly true anymore, but thats not BCC’s fault, as much as I’d like to blame them. Because of this law, many students choose to get their first two years of college out of the way at the should-be-cheaper community college, in this case Burlington County College. I choose it for the money and ability to work at a flexible schedule while going to school. I made a mistake. Read the rest of this entry

Again with the cuts? [REBEL]

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Surprise surprise, Governor Christie is trying to cut more programs, along with 820 millions from education. Once again, he’s striking at something I care about, and I was asked by an old club moderator to write a letter to him and someone else about it, begging for the program, REBEL [ Reaching Everyone by Exposing Lies – an anti tobacco group run by students] , not to be killed.

So again, trying to get as much attention to these issues as possible, I will publish the full and uncensored letter, as well as send it to the local paper, the supervisor of REBEL and Governor Christie.

If you have been effected by REBEL, either having fun while in it, helped out with it, helped someone quit, or feel you made a difference in someone’s life anyway through REBEL, please comment and share your stories, with me, Governor Christie, and the world.

More on the cuts posted over here.