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Viva la Open Web

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Today was probably the biggest day for the open web in a long time.

WebM is a new project, lead by Google, Mozilla, opera and many other web leaders, is their new home. WebM is a open web video project, using the newly open sourced codec VP8 by On2 technologies, owned by Google and released under a royalty free, open source licences today at Google I/O.

Currently Chrome, Firefox and Opera all Support WebM, in the latest nightly builds. Links below. Using the Matroska container (.mkv files) for holding the VP8 and Ogg/Vorbis.




EDIT: opera

WebM/VP8 is supposed to be the highest quality, highest compressions, best bandwidth usage and just overall the best codec out there.  Now that it’s open source, the codec debate should die. OGG is nice, but nothing compared to VP8. H.264 is pricey and not free/open anything.  Opera and Firefox previously supported OGG.  IE9 and Safari supported H.264. Chrome Supported both, but Chromium only supported Ogg.

On the first day, Opera, Firefox and Chrome (presumably Chromium as well) have put their full weight behind Webm. Chrome is the builder of webkit,  so presumable safari will join on board the VP8 bandwagon. The only Problem with this being the universal web video codec, is IE9 who has only said they will support H.264, but I suspect that will change in the coming days.

This just in: IE9 to support WebM/VP8

Screenshot of Firefox 3.7A running WebM on youtube.

Among the other goodies released today, are the Google Web font directory. Fonts hosted at google that you can click to embed into your own website.

Happy Surfing on the open web, No beach tags required.


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