Shit is fucked up-Lets Fix it: Kayleigh’s Law

Dear Governor Christie and other lawmakers of The great state of New Jersey,

I know you are not entirely to blame for Kayleigh’s Law, but your office seems content to use it as a way of discriminating against young people and new drivers, whether or not they are a perfect driver with no previous record, or a reckless, cell phone using drunk driver. I take offense at being targets by this law, and with it, becoming a quite literal, cop magnet, when in my few months of driving, I have done nothing wrong, have no record, no accidents, and now, I am being singled out, because I am young. While we have drunk drivers, murderers, child predators and habitual cell phone users, with records both on and off the road.

These are dangerous people, some who have caused trouble off the road, but use driving a means to evade the authorities, or have caused crashes and deaths on the road, be it their fault or not.

So Why, in anyone’s mind, should I, a young driver with no record, paying more for car insurance than anyone else in the world, be discriminated against and force to be an easy target for police, who may or may not have a reason to pull me over, and will use it as an excuse to nit pick. When there are drivers who habitually drive drunk, have records for it, who are allowed to drive on the roads like anyone else (Of Course now, Like everyone else who’s over 21).

Now for the record, I have nothing against being pulled over if there is something wrong, or something looks wrong, its a cops job to investigate, but these stickers are a free pass for cops to pull over kids, who have done nothing wrong. Not to mention alerting other drivers will avoid us as if we’re from P.A.

In my mind, If your going to pick us out of a crowd for being young, and assume young means unexperienced, but yet, you let known trouble maker, many being repeat offenders, drive drunk, without any kind of warning label to other drivers, as you do with us. Lets make it mandatory to put a sticker on every driver who’s had an accident before, and big bright letters to label drunk drivers as such. What about old people, and child predators and car thieves, why don’t we just label them all?

While we’re at it, lets Give Former Governor Corzine a big bright sticker, so next time he passes someone doing 90 on the freeway without a seatbelt on, we know to avoid him too

EDIT May 1st, 2010:

As of Today, Kyleigh’s law has take effect. 17 year old drivers and older drivers with their probationary (formerly provisional) licence can no longer have 2 guests in their cars, besides from family members, have been restricted to 11 pm instead of the 12 PM it once was.  All drivers who have their 17 year old licences or their permit must have 2 stickers on their car, one on the top left corner of each the front and the back licences plates. The cost is $4 per set, one set per car and they cannot be switched (Its Velcro) Decals should be removed when the student is not driving. They are a metallic red-orange and highly reflective. There is a 100$ fine for not having them on your car if you should.

There is one protest asking all drivers, underage or not to buy and display the decals, as to make the law worthless. I am in favor of this move, as a way to hold off this wrongdoing until someone comes to the senses and it’s repealed.

There was a law passed in a Florida long ago, that has special licences plates for rental cars. Someone rammed 9 drivers off the road, targeting tourists who didn’t know the roads. 9 people were murdered, and the law was repealed.

I hope Kyleigh’s law does not come to murder or rape before it is repealed, but I’m afraid this ‘feel good law’ will result in horrible tragedy before anything is done to fix this.

For people asking, it is spelled Kyleigh, not Kayleigh.

She was a 16 year old in Washington township who got into a car with someone she barely knew, and he crashed and killed them both. Its a tragic story, but not a reason for restricting all drivers, she made a stupid mistake and he fucked up. She should’ve been smarter than to get in a car with someone who she didn’t know well, and he should’ve driven the speed limit and more carefully.


4 thoughts on “Shit is fucked up-Lets Fix it: Kayleigh’s Law

  1. Dawn Day-Ahlers says:

    I respect the fact we are trying to hold a memory of a respectable girl; however, I think we could do that in the way of a college fund versus earmarking our children on the road. This law has not in any way held the wonderful memory of a lost child but harrassed the children on the road today. If we took the anticipated charge of $4 per under 21 child and added that up into a college fund, I think we would benefit in a positive way to hold Kayleigh’s memory. I have 3 children under 21 who are all wonderful kids and drivers–very proud. Now they are earmarked on the road for all “not so respectable citizens” to harrass. This is ridiculous and I believe we as parents should fight this law.

  2. @Dawn Day-Ahlers
    Wondeful comment, thank you for the insight. I am one of the kids effected by this, and I am fighting it, because it is unconstitutional. Its discrimination at its finest.

    A college fund would be much better than this torment.

    I have 2 brothers with their permits, who will also need these, and are ticked but not as much as I am, driving who have their licences are being cut back on the hours we can drive on top of being labeled.

    If they put that money aside and did some good with it, the entire state would be better off. Its just sad it take a death to get something done, but whats really sad it that its not going to help.

    I sent a modified version of this letter to Christie, and I hope you and everyone else outraged by this will speak up, and something will get fixed.

  3. Fawzieh Bilto says:

    @Dawn Day-Ahlers
    I am on the kids side and I agree with you, that’s a great idea with the $4.00. I really think that drunk drivers and repeated offenders and all sex offenders should have their vehilce labled that would much more benefical for our state and children. We defintaly are a very expensive state and car insurance for anyone under 21 nad if your a male under 21 it even doubles!!So please re think this law.

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